in meeting your aerial needs

Who are we?

Progressive Aerial Solutions (PAS) is a North Florida based company in the state capital of Tallahassee. Founded by John Weaver, and quickly adding Nathan Maddox for his skills in video/photo editing, PAS is dedicated to meeting all your aerial imagery and data needs through the use of state of the art drone capture technology.

Why choose us?

Over 15 years of supervisor experience in both manufacturing, and Lean Six Sigma, are what give PAS an edge when it comes to expectations and deliverables. Understanding product flow, inventory management, and safety protocols allows PAS to transfer that knowledge into a new opportunity to help your business save time and money - all while in many instances performing jobs quicker, and safer than ever before.


services offered include:

Concept Planning

Details coming soon.

Progress Tracking

Details coming soon.


3D Mapping

Details coming soon.

Professional Service

John delivers expert service with a smile.

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